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November 2014
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One year Anniversary of studio computer looming

The studio Hackintosh will be one year old next month and what a year it has been, with limitless computing power to mix and Science fiction like speed, it has impressed our clients over and over again.

New Solid State Drive (SSD) installed

We have completed the install and data cloning for a new system drive in our CustomMac, what was fast is now even faster !

New computer continues to inspire

The new Hackintosh continues to impress by being very stable and powerful. Mixing is so much more pleasurable when DSP power is almost inexhaustible.

New Computer retires G5

Well the Mac G5 PPC has been retired and our first computer build is up and running with OS X Snow Leopard and an intel i7 3.5 GHz quad core CPU. This is a serious upgrade and seems to be as stable as it should be. This system is roughly 800% more powerful than before. [...]

client desk added to control room

Richard is adding a tabletop extension to create a spot for clients to sit up near the sweet spot for better communication with the engineer and to have more counter space when undertaking various tasks

We have a Ludwig Super Sensitive snare drum from the early 60′s or 70′s

We have come to the realization that an old snare drum in the studio is a Ludwig Super Sensitive 5″ x 14″

we will post some pictures soon

New old JBL monitors take their place on the pedestals

we have acquired a set of JBL 4301B control room monitors that we have re-foamed and are sounding sweet. They are replacing the Tannoy monitors which have had reliability issues

new room ready for action

we are very pleased with the way our “jungle room” is coming together, we have put in a 12 channel snake and have wired up the monstrous SpeakerLab model 6 speakers for playback which kick a lot of butt !